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Introducing CyberAlarm

CyberAlarm was born when our founder, Dominic Aslan, witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of a cyber attack on a large corporate organisation. A dedicated team of 50 experts worked for 48 hours, investing hundreds of thousands of pounds to contain the hack and restore operations. It became glaringly apparent to Dominic that most businesses, particularly those of smaller scale, lack such robust resources and often find themselves ill-equipped to navigate the complexities of a cyber breach.

So he assembled a team of cyber security experts passionate about protecting the small guy; the SME that can’t afford to rebuild after a cyber hack, the business owner who doesn’t know their DNS from their DMARC.

To make a meaningful impact, CyberAlarm also focuses on supporting the companies that work directly with the people we’re trying to help – the small IT providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). We’ve built an intuitive, jargon-free, cost-effective solution that ensures even the smallest customer can access expert knowledge and security best practices at a realistic price.

Vision and Mission

At the core of our mission is the recognition that the majority of businesses, especially those with limited resources, may not even know where to start when facing the worst-case cyber security scenario.

At CyberAlarm, we’re making securing digital assets refreshingly simple with intuitive, affordable and 100% cloud-based solutions that have been carefully designed to help all your customers sleep a little easier.

Meet the team

Dominic Aslan Dominic Aslan

I set the product vision and identify what services will be valuable to our clients. I lead technical development, business strategy and operations.

My background includes 20 years of IT experience with businesses such as Nestlé, ED&F Man and Burberry.

Matt Joyce Matthew Joyce

As CyberAlarm’s technical lead, I develop and improve the technology that monitors the security of customers’ online assets.

I’m an information security specialist with over 30 years of IT experience at HSBC, Visa & Vodafone as well as the NHS.

Bronwyn Boyle Bronwyn Boyle

I provide creative contribution to the team, independent oversight and subject matter expertise. I’m a passionate advocate for online safety, and helping SMEs stay secure.

I’ve spent over 20 years working in cyber security, compliance, data protection, strategy, ops and dev.

Andy Milton Andy Milton

I’m responsible for building CyberAlarm’s Go-To-Market strategy and for driving growth – and I work closely with our partners and customers to ensure that CyberAlarm meets all of their needs.

For over 20 years I’ve led sales and marketing with businesses like Hitachi, T-Systems, Axial, Integralis and NTT.

Claire Pay Claire Pay

I founded branding and design agency, SandisonPay, 20 years ago – and have since formed successful long term relationships with clients like Allianz, Mansour Group and Hitachi.

I’m thrilled to bring my years of experience with global businesses and creative energy to the CyberAlarm board, and build on my past expertise in biometric ID and cybersecurity.

Brendan Raggett Brendan Raggett

As an experienced CFO and FD, I’ve enjoyed facilitating growth and helping to instill resilience and strategies that help establish strong and flourishing businesses.

I’m also a member of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Venugopal Prabhoo Photo Venugopal Prabhoo

I’m a passionate Product Engineer and Solutions Architect, and have been proudly engineering a safer digital space and driving digital transformation for many years – starting in the 1990s.

I’m also TOGAF 9 Certified – an enterprise architecture standard used by the world’s leading institutions and businesses to improve business efficiency.

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