For Small and Medium Size Enterprises

The challenge for SMEs

You’re probably not protected from online attacks

Think about it, where are your pictures, vital data, important work, and even your emails? Where are the applications you use now? They are no longer installed on your PC but are in the cloud and accessed through your browser.

Have your security tools kept up with this shift – or do you still rely on antivirus and a firewall that is only able to protect your PC?

In today’s economic climate, most small businesses haven’t got £8,460 to spare

In 2021, the UK National Cyber Security Centre estimated this was the average cost faced by SMEs who found themselves exposed to increasingly common cyber attacks.

The huge recent uptake in cloud services has only exacerbated small businesses’ vulnerabilities. Your customers’ most important assets are no longer stored on physical media in their office but out of sight and, in many cases, out of mind.

Heavy on protection, light on your wallet

Affordability is an uncommon feature in effective cyber security. For Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in particular, the skills gap and rising costs can be very prohibitive. But with a smart, automated, cloud-based security system, that’s precisely what we’re offering.

Entry-level affordability

Eliminating the need for dedicated cyber security staff changes your security landscape. The technical legwork is embedded in the system. So full, comprehensive web protection can start at just £30 per month for a single domain. If you prefer to get a taste of what CyberAlarm can do for you, you can activate a free scan of your business right now.

What we do

We protect your domain configuration

We check if someone is spoofing your domain or website

We spot data breaches quickly, so you can minimise the damage

We make sure no one can send fake emails from your domain

We monitor over 100 services and configurations

We alert you to any changes so you can be sure no one is hacking you

We let you relax

What services does CyberAlarm provide?

Our system never sleeps and is never turned off. By running in the cloud we’re always on – so we can constantly scan your assets for errors in security configurations, outdated software, risks of data theft and more.

We find problems quicker than anyone else so that they can be fixed before its too late.

We use AI to find and learn everything about your customers’ online setups.

We’ll identify who manages their email, where their website is hosted, what social media accounts they have, which security settings they have enabled – and so much more.

Once we’ve built this profile of the customer (often finding things that they aren’t aware of) we’re able to monitor everything and understand how it all fits togther.

Accept no imitations. Our system continually searches the web for fraudsters that are trying to copy domain names, impersonate websites or pretending to be your social media accounts.

We look across the dark web for things like leaked user accounts and passwords or hackers discussing your brand.

All of this can be used to steal your identity and trick your customers into thinking they are dealing with you.

Most small businesses don’t have a big IT team that can handle the response to a cyber incident.

Our machine learning algorithms are tuned to the task – processing millions of incidents and resolutions. We then draw on this knowledge to automatically and immediately alert you to known hacks in real time while filtering out all the noise

You can access your Online Report through the dashboard 24/7

As we have build a profile of your business, we regularly scan all your online systems to detect any known weaknesses that could leave you vulnerable to hackers.

We check hundreds of risk points such as insecure servers hosting your account, websites with out-of-date plugins, badly configured systems, and known compromised online applications.

Data breaches can cause major problems. But most businesses don’t even know that their data has been stolen until it’s too late.

Our innovative tools will alert you as soon as any data is stolen or as soon as its published online.

You can prevent the worst effects of a data breach and notify your clients (and relevant authorities) accordingly.

The solution

Why it pays to patrol the cloud

Your anti-virus and anti-malware software may protect your PC. But the real value in your business — your online presence — needs to be totally hacker resilient.

Think of it as a full-on burglar alarm system for the internet. One that alerts you to potential digital threats with a simple traffic-light system. One that ensures your business meets UK government cybersecurity standards.

Just enter your domain name, and we’ll do the rest.

What we don’t do

We are not

We are not

We are not a

As a respectable business, you already have these things. They are standard on every PC or network.
We don’t want to provide services you already have, and anyway, they don’t do what we do. They don’t protect your company, your accounts or your data, which are online, in the cloud, and probably unguarded.

What does CyberAlarm really do for me, in plain English?

Leaked details on the net

CyberAlarm will check access to your business accounts, all your staff’s email addresses and passwords for online services and if we find anything, we will tell you so you can change the security of the accounts.

Data breach tokens

Add a secret test entry to the places where you store and manage your customer/supplier data (such as your Hubspot client database or Xero accounting software). If those entries ever appear on the web outside of where you created and added them, we will know immediately, and you can quickly stop the breach and fulfil your GDPR obligations.

Email fraud solutions

We continuously monitor your email domains (the bit after @) to ensure security and check that you aren’t being reported as sending spam or malware (an early sign that someone has breached your email).

Hacker chatter surveillance

CyberAlarm is thwarting potential attacks by scouting hacker forums for mentions of your domain name or business so you can keep ahead of any threats.


CyberAlarm is monitoring anti-phishing services 24×7 for your domain to uncover any phishing scam activity linked to your website or email.

Blacklist monitoring

If your domain or your email accounts appear on Blacklists, then most email services will either block your mail from being delivered or, at best, mark them as spam. CyberAlarm checks to see if you appear on all the email address, IP, and URL blacklists.

Security certificate scan

A TLS certificate proves that you are the official owner of your website; it’s what encrypts the data between your site and the people visiting it, and it shows that you take your customer’s data seriously. CyberAlarm will give you a notification before it expires or if there are any issues with it. If something is wrong with your TLS certificate, then visitors will get warnings when visiting your site that it is ‘insecure’, and some browsers will even stop people from connecting to your website completely.

WordPress vulnerability check

Is your website running on WordPress? CyberAlarm will detect and report on plugins, themes and outdated versions of WordPress. Any of these could be used by hackers to hijack your website and either steal your data or change your site to host malware or adult content.

Web content cloning

Can you check every website on the internet to see if anyone has copied yours? CyberAlarm is constantly looking for similar or identical sites to yours, which could signify attempts to steal clicks, customers or worse.

Compromised web applications

How often do you read about websites or services that have been breached or experienced a cyber attack? CyberAlarm works out which sites are important to you and sends you notifications if any of them are insecure or have recently experienced a cyber attack so that you can check your accounts, your data and your reputation.

Website configuration

Unless you own your own webserver, your site will probably be hosted on the same server as hundreds or thousands of others and even move around as the hosting provider manages their own demands. CyberAlarm will keep track of the servers your domain is connected to so that we can check that the servers are always secure even when moved, but we can also see who else is hosted on the same server which could affect your site.

Lookalike domains

On average, about 33,000 domains are registered every day. CyberAlarm is monitoring all newly registered domain names to identify any that could be mistaken for yours (e.g. ‘’ instead of ‘’ or ‘’ instead of ‘’). We then analyse what that new domain is doing, and if we think there is any risk to your business, we immediately notify you.

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