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Key Features

Our system never sleeps and is never turned off. By running in the cloud we’re always on – so we can constantly scan your assets for errors in security configurations, outdated software, risks of data theft and more.

We find problems quicker than anyone else so that they can be fixed before its too late.

We use AI to find and learn everything about your customers’ online setups.

We’ll identify who manages their email, where their website is hosted, what social media accounts they have, which security settings they have enabled – and so much more.

Once we’ve built this profile of the customer (often finding things that they aren’t aware of) we’re able to monitor everything and understand how it all fits togther.

Accept no imitations. Our system continually searches the web for fraudsters that are trying to copy domain names, impersonate websites or pretending to be your social media accounts.

We look across the dark web for things like leaked user accounts and passwords or hackers discussing your brand.

All of this can be used to steal your identity and trick your customers into thinking they are dealing with you.

Most small businesses don’t have a big IT team that can handle the response to a cyber incident.

Our machine learning algorithms are tuned to the task – processing millions of incidents and resolutions. We then draw on this knowledge to automatically and immediately alert you to known hacks in real time while filtering out all the noise

You can access your Online Report through the dashboard 24/7

As we have build a profile of your business, we regularly scan all your online systems to detect any known weaknesses that could leave you vulnerable to hackers.

We check hundreds of risk points such as insecure servers hosting your account, websites with out-of-date plugins, badly configured systems, and known compromised online applications.

Data breaches can cause major problems. But most businesses don’t even know that their data has been stolen until it’s too late.

Our innovative tools will alert you as soon as any data is stolen or as soon as its published online.

You can prevent the worst effects of a data breach and notify your clients (and relevant authorities) accordingly.

The Traffic Light System


Your cyber security has been compromised. Take action to secure your digital assets.


We’ve identified potential weaknesses you might want to take a closer look at.


You’re all good. Probably a good excuse to stick the kettle on and put your feet up.

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