For Service Providers

The challenge for MSPs

How do you add a cost-effective security service to your service business? 

We do the scanning. You do the planning. Here at Cyber Alarm, we’re making it easier and more cost-effective for MSPs like you to offer your clients protection that punches well above its weight – with a solution that’s secure, simple and scalable.

Why you need us

We sweat the cyber stuff (so your clients don’t have to).

The cyber security market is moving at an unprecedented pace, leaving many Managed Service Providers scrambling to close their skills gaps or keep up with spiralling costs.

While many small to medium businesses are happy to settle for a cyber security strategy consisting of installing an agent on their desktops, some basic antivirus or anti-malware software and a firewall – any truly forward-thinking MSP recognises that this leaves their clients very exposed to one of the biggest risks for most small businesses. We protect their online services that could sit outside of your visibility.

Why MSPs love CyberAlarm

Make Money

  • Scan a URL to identify opportunities or information useful to approach and win new clients
  • CyberAlarm doesn’t just identify what’s wrong, but also how to fix it – which you can then use to bill more time to your clients
  • Resell CyberAlarm to clients who want more visibility of their own security status

Save Money

  • Automated and AI-driven CyberAlarm means massive time savings for MSPs and a reduction in staff or staff efforts
  • CyberAlarm does the work of a cybersecurity expert – it reviews, alerts and suggests actions so that you don’t require the technical skills internally
  • CyberAlarm’s experts know which important indicators to look for so you don’t have to constantly maintain those skills inhouse or you can focus on just fixing whatever we find
  • CyberAlarm is constantly adding new features and scans so you don’t need to purchase multiple different solutions.

Improve your service

  • Increase the speed of detection of issues with your clients allowing you to tell them about issues before the clients tells you.
  • Identify and collate all your customers’ digital assets with one simple action so you can properly understand the client and the effort needed to provide them MSP services.
  • Produce automated and branded reports which you can present to your clients with all the work and intelligence that CyberAlarm has provided.
  • Prevents real and potential damage for yourself and clients from cyber attacks with a watertight alarm system
  • Demonstrate your worth to multiple clients – Cyber Alarm’s reports and resolutions mean tangible maintenance
  • Add security services to your MSPs offering if you currently only provide IT support
  • Valuable add-on services for clients who are looking for a full service 

CyberAlarm gives you all this and more…

Better relationships with your customers

Tools to comply with GDPR requirements

Branded reports and an independent assessment of work needed

Automation that makes perfect business sense

With CyberAlarm behind them, your clients eliminate the need for specialist staff to manage intricate security systems. Our exclusive automation and AI tools provide comprehensive safeguarding capabilities, and also enables us to offer this service at an attractive price – making it feasible for MSPs to deliver CyberAlarm to SMEs.

A foundation for the future

The system is also a solid platform on which you can build — by offering recovery fixes, business continuity, or any other relevant products and services. For us, protecting a company’s most valuable assets couldn’t be more satisfying. It’s also critical for your clients. But crucially, it allows you to dedicate time to selling and managing your own core competencies.

Where security meets simplicity

Our automated monitoring platform does everything your clients need to safeguard the integrity of their data online. It performs day and night, scanning every nook and cranny of the internet (and the Dark Web) for possible and actual irregularities. Findings are then filtered, refined and reported in their simplest terms, for complete clarity and comprehension and continuous updates are added as new threats evolve.

Scaling your security

If you’re an MSP or a larger enterprise, you’ll be able to scale your security requirements according to your needs — or those of your clients. There’s no upper limit on the number of domains you can register. The best part? You don’t pay for what you don’t need. All prices are transparent and fixed, and there are no hidden costs, large expenses or other surprises on the back end either.

How much is all this worth?

Increases the wallet share from your customers

Value-added services

Easy to use, no extra effort

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