Why CyberAlarm

The challenge

In today’s economic climate, most small businesses don’t have £8,460 to spare. 

In 2021, the UK National Cyber Security Centre estimated this was the average cost faced by SMEs who found themselves exposed to increasingly common cyber attacks.

The huge recent uptake in cloud services has only exacerbated small businesses’ vulnerabilities. Your customers’ most important assets are no longer stored on physical media in their office’ but out of sight and, in many cases, out of mind.

This makes it a very challenging time to be a proactive Managed Service Provider.

What we do

We check the domain configuration

We check if someone is spoofing the domain or website

We check for data breaches

We make sure no one can fake emails from the domain

We monitor over 100 services and configurations

We alert you to any changes

We let you relax

The solution

Who says cyber security has to be alarming?

At CyberAlarm, we’re making securing digital assets refreshingly simple with an intuitive, affordable and 100% cloud-based cyber security solution that protects both your and your clients’ businesses.

All this doesn’t have to come at the cost of over-complication. Just think of it as an online burglar alarm – always-on and ready to alert you to potential threats against your digital business interests with jargon-free and easy-to-action traffic light reports.

Just enter your URL, and we’ll do the rest.

What we don’t do

We are not Antivirus

We are not

We don’t fix your gaps

Why you need us

We sweat the cyber stuff (so your clients don’t have to).

The cyber security market is moving at an unprecedented pace, leaving many Managed Service Providers scrambling to close their skills gaps or keep up with spiralling costs.

While many small to medium businesses are happy to settle for a cyber security strategy consisting of some basic antivirus or anti-malware software – any truly forward-thinking MSP recognises that one of the biggest risks for these businesses is protecting their online services.

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